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Oh my aching knees!!! What’s new in my future to avoid surgery…

“Your problem is largely due to your knock knees,” the orthopedist said. Maybe he used the term “genu valgum” – but I was still kind of surprised that the intense aching in my knees was not from one of the usual diagnostic suspects: damaged meniscus, partial cruciate ligament tear…

“Your description of how you sit on the floor to work on animals hasn’t helped,” he added. If you were in your twenties or thirties , your knees would be more forgiving of hyper-flexing them while sitting on your legs. It’s time for better ergonomics and lots of strengthening to realign tracking to deal with your chondromalacia.” (Softening of the cartilage under the knee cap).

Dr. Andrew Anz, an orthopedist at Andrew’s Institute is correct. I confess that I know better. I can tell you that I have the worst body mechanics for a person who knows better. It’s just that my animal patients are more comfortable when I get on floor level with them rather than lifting them onto a table. It’s time to come up with a creative solution to keep my animal patients feeling secure and my knees happy.

knock knees

The genetic evidence is right here in this photo! These knees have been knocking since I was three years old. Genetics is one of those things that can bless you with robust health, or sneak up on you with conditions you never expected. I never considered that being called “knock knees” by my three brothers in the picture would hurt more than my feelings! 

Chiropractic, laser therapy, ice, and lots of physical therapy exercises for weak gluteal muscles  – (which can contribute to both knee and low back problems) has helped a lot so far. The healthier change in my working posture has also made a huge difference.

The most exciting news is that after a very thorough orthopedic exam, Dr. Anz believes that  I am a candidate for stem cell injections. Instead of having to eventually replace my knees with an artificial implant, the experimental stem cell therapy in knee-joints can be used to regrow new and healthy tissues that have been damaged or are degenerating.
I invite you to join me as I embark this exciting adventure. The fun starts in the next few months – maybe I’ll be able to VLOG the procedures, my rehab, results, and hopefully a few steps on that hike of Machu Picchu with Dr. Neal. It’s waiting to be crossed off the bucket list!

Dr. Ellen

The First Chiropractor Had It Wrong

DD PalmerSeptember 18, 1895 – Dr. DD Palmer, a school teacher who had studied the newly developed Electrotherapy and Osteopathy health sciences, performed a manipulation on Harvey Lillard, the building’s janitor, and declared that he had created a new healing profession – chiropractic.

While his techniques were similar to the osteopathic techniques developed 10 years earlier, he declared that his was a new profession and different from osteopathy.

Early on, Dr. Palmer stated that the subluxation (misalignment) of the vertebrae “is the cause of 95 percent of all diseases”.  This statement has created dissension in the medical field for 119 years, although the medical journals from that time discuss spine traction using “strong cotton cloth and meathooks… bought at a hardware store”, the treatment of “Typhoid Spine” with morphine injections and electric therapy “Faradism”. There was new science theory that bacteria may be the cause of disease.

So Dr. Palmer had it wrong. Unless you allow for his generous use of hyphens. He very often wrote the word “dis-ease” and in a 1910 textbook he wrote the definition: “Dis-ease – The kind of dis-ease depends on what nerves are too tense or too slack.” My definition of dis-ease is a lack of ease, and I treat patients in pain who have a definite “lack of ease” every day of my practice.

Making Excuses?

Am I justifying or making excuses for Dr. Palmer in his dis-ease theory? No. There is published work that states that he thought chiropractic could cure a number of conditions that I would not accept for treatment today. But medicine was in its infancy at that time in history, learning what worked and what didn’t, so I can be generous and allow Dr. Palmer to have had high hopes for his discoveries. He held firmly to the theory that the body could heal itself of many ailments if there was normal structure and alignment. And I agree.

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