The First Chiropractor Was Not Really First

In my last post I kind of dissed “the father of chiropractic” –  DD Palmer.  

Am I now going too far and questioning his paternity rights? Hippocrates

Most people don’t realize that Hippocrates, the father of medicine, was a huge fan of chiropractic.

In 1895, Dr. DD Palmer began treating patients with spinal adjusting and declared he had created a new profession.

He later acknowledged that he knew about spinal manipulation being done before his time, and claimed that he had perfected it to make it a profession.

Hippocrates, often called the father of medicine, also practiced the basics of chiropractic, and wrote about it- “Physical structure is the basis of medicine.” He also wrote, “vertebrae of the spine may or may not go out of place… And, if they do, they are likely to produce serious complications… if not properly adjusted.” 

And even Hippocrates wasn’t the first. There are earlier references to spinal manipulation work before the ancient  Greeks. There are Asian drawings demonstrating basic spinal manipulation techniques that go back two thousand years or more.

Dr. Palmer was the one to give it the name “chiropractic.” And he did modernize spinal adjusting techniques and encouraged research into treatments and techniques, so he is permitted the “father of chiropractic” title, but the idea of doing bodywork is ancient and much older than medicine.