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Advice from your Pensacola Chiropractor: “It’s not nice to fool Mother Nature”

Mother Nature Chiffon Margarine ad 1970sAnybody remember the old advertisement for  Chiffon margarine that said with: “Good enough to fool Mother Nature”?  The premise was that their margarine tasted so much like butter that it might fool you.

Look at the back of the bottle of any pain medication and it will say something like, “if pain persists more than seven days, see your doctor.”  They might as well say, “quit trying to fool Mother Nature.”

Pain is a normal response and it has a source and a reason. Hiding it with a pill is the equivalent of putting a piece of black electrical tape over the “Stop Engine” light on your car’s dashboard.

Covering up your pain with an anti-inflammatory or muscle relaxer doesn’t change what’s happening in your back.  So, if a day or two of meds isn’t doing it for you, then taking it for a month or two certainly won’t. I think of pain like a row of dominoes. If the last domino is the pain, the domino before that is probably inflammation or muscle spasms, but the dominoes before that are some sort of abnormal stress on the joints that are causing the pain and the reflexive muscle spasms. It’s probably some sort of structural misalignment that creates the abnormal stress that resulting in all these symptoms…

Your pain – the last domino – is the warning light on your dashboard. Don’t cover it up.  If your car’s engine breaks, they can replace it. This isn’t the case with your spine.

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More Pensacola Chiropractor confessions : “I moved 27 railroad cross ties.”

railroad cross-tiesThe big creosote coated wooden beam that runs crosswise between the railroad tracks – the beam that they drive the spikes into – that’s a cross tie. Some people use them in their landscaping. They are big, quite heavy and bulky, and you will probably hurt your back if you move them around your yard. I know this personally. I confess that have wrestled with one or two. Once. I am a quick learner. It was my patient who moved 27!

The fact is, I talk to more people who were knocked to their knees when they bent over to pick up a pen than people who carried railroad ties or some other extreme physical stressor.

Why is that?
If you have an auto accident or fall, you expect to have some pain for a while, but the longer term effects on your back or neck are really more important.  When a trauma changes the normal alignment and movement through your neck or back, it leaves you with a residual weakness. That weaker area is prone to re-aggravation with a minimal stress, perhaps just bending over the wrong way. Because it’s not properly aligned, that weaker area will gradually degenerate, deteriorate and develop arthritis much faster than all the surrounding vertebrae and joints.

If you get occasional sharp pain in the neck or back, (even if it isn’t due to a fall or carrying railroad cross ties) get that area corrected. The sooner it’s corrected, there’s a less likelihood of arthritis or surgery in the future.  

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Pensacola Chiropractor lays it on the line about Radical Spine Restructuring

I see some radical spines, radical misalignments, and 90+ degree curvatures in the spine. I cringe inwardly when I review x-rays with a patient that has this level of a spinal misalignment. The question is always “how much can you change it with chiropractic care?”

That question makes sense. A radical misalignment needs radical correction. Orthopedic surgeons sometimes do fusion surgery using a titanium Harrington rod to straighten a severe curve in the spine and fuse it.

What’s the Reality?
I have seen patients with severe curvatures who tell me that they were pain-free until this past week.

The rule is simple. Your body tries to adapt to misalignments as much as it can.  In order to correct the problem, we change as much as this spine is able to change, and then we’re done.  These spinal curvatures get this way gradually and a healthy person adapts.
We have lots of tools – laser therapy, interferential therapy, spinal adjusting, and deep tissue therapeutic massage.

The fact is – no chiropractor anywhere is going to straighten up a radical curvature.

What’s my Job?
Get ’em functional, get ’em stronger.  The person who can live, move, and is able to do their activities without pain is functioning and happy. That’s what a patient wants. In the end, you don’t really care how it looks on the x-rays if you are fully functional and pain-free.

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