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Pensacola Chiropractor lays it on the line about Radical Spine Restructuring

I see some radical spines, radical misalignments, and 90+ degree curvatures in the spine. I cringe inwardly when I review x-rays with a patient that has this level of a spinal misalignment. The question is always “how much can you change it with chiropractic care?”

That question makes sense. A radical misalignment needs radical correction. Orthopedic surgeons sometimes do fusion surgery using a titanium Harrington rod to straighten a severe curve in the spine and fuse it.

What’s the Reality?
I have seen patients with severe curvatures who tell me that they were pain-free until this past week.

The rule is simple. Your body tries to adapt to misalignments as much as it can.  In order to correct the problem, we change as much as this spine is able to change, and then we’re done.  These spinal curvatures get this way gradually and a healthy person adapts.
We have lots of tools – laser therapy, interferential therapy, spinal adjusting, and deep tissue therapeutic massage.

The fact is – no chiropractor anywhere is going to straighten up a radical curvature.

What’s my Job?
Get ’em functional, get ’em stronger.  The person who can live, move, and is able to do their activities without pain is functioning and happy. That’s what a patient wants. In the end, you don’t really care how it looks on the x-rays if you are fully functional and pain-free.

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What’s the best drug for a pinched nerve?

drugsIf you have a pinched nerve, I have some bad news for you.  Your body protects your brain and nervous system from anything in your blood stream.  That’s vitally important because when you have an infection, it will often get into your blood stream.  If an infection is able to get into your brain or your nerves there is now a much bigger problem (like seizures or death).

This blood-brain barrier between your blood stream and your nervous system is a good design except for one problem. When you take a drug by mouth, it can never get to your nerves because of your blood-brain barrier.  So, what’s the best drug to take for a pinched nerve? None – the meds can’t get to your nerves.

In the medical world, they will often prescribe opiates or anti-depressants for a pinched nerve.  With the opiates, you just don’t care how much it hurts.  With the anti-depressants, they are trying to redirect the pain signals from your nerves to a different area of your brain, so you don’t have as much perception of pain.

Does that work?  Sometimes.

Is that a long term solution to a pinched nerve?  No.

If there is a structural problem that is irritating a nerve, you need a structural solution.  That sounds simple and obvious – except that the medical world didn’t get it yet. Unless you count physical therapy or injecting steroids into your spinal canal.  The neurosurgeon will tell you to try conservative care first and surgery is last resort.

Chiropractic is a good structural solution for many pinched nerves.  It is the ONLY effective solution for some.

Are you one of those?

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When is it really a pinched nerve?

Pinched Nerve

Photo from: www.ravispine.com

It’s a complicated question.  Nerves go to every inch of your body, and every one of those nerves exists between two of the vertebrae in your spine.  If you have a spinal problem that is pinching or irritating a nerve, you may feel pain in one specific area OR it may hurt along the entire length of that nerve.  This is the type of problem that I treat.  As a board certified chiropractic neurologist, I am absolutely a nerve doctor.

Remember the leak in my kitchen ceiling?  It’s not a ceiling problem…  That’s just where it showed up.  The leak started 40 feet away, ran along a rafter, then a pipe for the exhaust fan, then dripped down to my ceiling.  I had a flashing problem 40 feet away, not a ceiling problem.

If your bedside lamp has a break in the wire, it can be a break at any point from the plug to the light bulb but it’s gonna show up at the bulb.  That light bulb will either get really bright the second before it blows, or it simply goes out.

The same thing happens with nerves.  You can pinch one and have searing pain that drops you to the floor, or you can pinch one and have numbness.

What you should do about it?

The very best news about a pinched nerve is that less than 1% of those are surgical cases.  The other 99+% need conservative care.  You need spinal realignment, physical therapy, and rehab – and maybe therapeutic massage and some Class 4 laser therapy, too.

If you need to heal, see Dr Neal.