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The First Chiropractor Had It Wrong

DD PalmerSeptember 18, 1895 – Dr. DD Palmer, a school teacher who had studied the newly developed Electrotherapy and Osteopathy health sciences, performed a manipulation on Harvey Lillard, the building’s janitor, and declared that he had created a new healing profession – chiropractic.

While his techniques were similar to the osteopathic techniques developed 10 years earlier, he declared that his was a new profession and different from osteopathy.

Early on, Dr. Palmer stated that the subluxation (misalignment) of the vertebrae “is the cause of 95 percent of all diseases”.  This statement has created dissension in the medical field for 119 years, although the medical journals from that time discuss spine traction using “strong cotton cloth and meathooks… bought at a hardware store”, the treatment of “Typhoid Spine” with morphine injections and electric therapy “Faradism”. There was new science theory that bacteria may be the cause of disease.

So Dr. Palmer had it wrong. Unless you allow for his generous use of hyphens. He very often wrote the word “dis-ease” and in a 1910 textbook he wrote the definition: “Dis-ease – The kind of dis-ease depends on what nerves are too tense or too slack.” My definition of dis-ease is a lack of ease, and I treat patients in pain who have a definite “lack of ease” every day of my practice.

Making Excuses?

Am I justifying or making excuses for Dr. Palmer in his dis-ease theory? No. There is published work that states that he thought chiropractic could cure a number of conditions that I would not accept for treatment today. But medicine was in its infancy at that time in history, learning what worked and what didn’t, so I can be generous and allow Dr. Palmer to have had high hopes for his discoveries. He held firmly to the theory that the body could heal itself of many ailments if there was normal structure and alignment. And I agree.

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The Story of a Crazy Law

Ever have a door slammed in your face?  If you don’t know the new law, the auto insurance companies will do it to you.

The Beginning of Crazy
There are some people (in South and Central Florida) who stage an automobile accident, find a cooperating doctor who says they are badly injured, and then, have a cooperating attorney sue the auto insurance companies for big money.  This part of the story isn’t the crazy part; this part is factual.  It is illegal, of course, there are laws against it, and there have been convictions that put people in jail. Some doctors and lawyers have lost their licenses because of insurance fraud.  There are plenty of laws on the books, and when these laws are enforced, people get convicted.

SO – What does the insurance industry want to do?  They make the claim that more laws will fix the insurance fraud problem and will lower auto insurance rates for all Floridians.

Lower Rates? – Sounds good!

The new law is proposed. As it goes through the various insurance committees, the guaranteed reduction of insurance rates gets dropped. The rest of the law continues through the Legislature. Our Governor, Rick Scott, pushes this legislation with all the influence he has.  He calls legislators asking for their support for this bill. Not surprisingly, it gets passed.

What is in the final bill?

The insurance industry earns billons due to the reduced payments and benefits for Florida drivers who have been injured, AND no promise of auto insurance rate reductions. Politics are wonderful… NOT!

How It Affects You
The new law forces you to see a doctor right away whether you think you’re hurt or not. It takes away your insurance coverage for this accident if you don’t see a doctor within two weeks. THAT SOUNDS IMPORTANT, so I’ll repeat it – You must see a doctor, any doctor, MD or chiropractor, before the 14th day or forever lose your insurance coverage for this accident.

What To Do
If you have a consultation with me within that 14 day window, I might tell you to go home rest it another week, BUT you have your foot in the door. I can document that we consulted within 14 days, and you won’t be locked out of your insurance coverage.

I can tell you from experience that the insurance companies play hard ball.  I consulted with a young lady on day 16 and they told us very quickly that they had no responsibility at all. She missed her 2 week limit. The auto coverage that she paid for was gone.

Auto insurance is supposed to cover you if you are in an accident.  Don’t let them mess with you. IF ANYBODY YOU KNOW IS IN AN ACCIDENT, tell them to see a doctor within 2 weeks to protect themselves against these problems. Get your foot in the door so it won’t slam shut in your face.

Remember, if you need to heal, see Dr. Neal.

Real Story: 70 years of leg pain

Nothing in medicine is an exact science.

I’ll restate that:  You can’t consistently predict the outcome of any treatment for any health problem, there are just too many variables.

I consulted with a woman who told me she had her leg pain for 70 years.  Not the usual patient history…

She told me that she remembers her mother taking her to the doctor when she was age 5 or 6 complaining of right leg pain.  They assured her that it was growing pains and would go away.  Except, it didn’t. Now,  in her mid 70s, she still has a chronic pain in her right leg – living with it all these years.  Then, a friend of hers said I helped him with his leg pain…

Ask me… how confident I was about accepting this case? (Not very)

But, we got an x-ray of her back (where the nerves to the legs begin), and we found that she had some structural misalignment. I offered her a trial of care.  What do we have to lose? She surprised both of us when she got good relief from her leg pain.

Most patients I treat have had a pinched nerve or a disc problem for one or two weeks.  This patient was a good reminder not to rule out helping those really chronic cases, because I often see them improve and get active again.  It’s exciting when it works out well!

Structural problems irritate your joints and your nerves, and they hurt.  And there’s no pill to fix a structural problem…  Ever.  If you have a nerve problem, whether it’s 1 day or 70 years in the making, call us.

If you need to heal, see Dr Neal.