Ask Dr. Neal About Pain

Pinched nerves, irritated nerves, starved nerves (not enough blood flow to them), or diseased nerves cause pain in your body.

The GOOD NEWS: pain is like a warning light on your dashboard. It's your warning sign that something needs attention in your body.
The BAD NEWS: it hurts.

Most of the time your pain is a physical problem. So, why do we try to fix it with a chemical? If your pain is in a joint or in your spine, taking pain meds or anti-inflammatories will only hide it for a few hours. Do you want to cover up your pain, or find the cause and fix it? Read the back of the pill bottle. “If your pain gets worse or doesn't go away in 7 days, consult your physician.” Try seeing a chiropractor.

If your pain is going to go away by itself, it will in 3 or 4 days. If not, you have a physical problem that needs a physical solution. That's chiropractic. Approximately 20% of my new patients get referred out to other treatments. If I can help using chiropractic, we will talk about my findings and get to work.

Remember, the first step is coming to Neal Clinic in Pensacola.


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