Why Balance Training?

You have heard about the dangers of falls in the elderly. There are two important points that are often overlooked:

  1. It often kills you. A fall that causes a fracture of the person’s leg or hip may shorten their life dramatically because they will be bed bound or wheelchair bound and get one of the diseases that are common in immobilized patients, usually pneumonia. Then, they die.
  2. The loss of good balance is usually gradual – worsening over a period of years. There is time for you to improve the feedback to your brain and enhance your balance through chiropractic.

Good Balance is the key to a whole host of health benefits. Proprioception (your sense of knowing where your body is in space) is critical to proper coordination and balance. The part of your brain responsible for coordination is your cerebellum. To keep it strong and working well, you need good feedback from your body. At Neal Clinic in Pensacola, our balance program encourages healthy cerebellar function and, consequently, improved proprioception.

We have patients well into their 80’s who benefit from this balance therapy. Some have suffered falls in the past, and now, they are able to walk confidently in public places without fear of falling. Call 479-SPINE for your first consultation at Neal Clinic in Pensacola!


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