Chiropractic Care

Think about this - except for one wandering cranial nerve, every nerve in your body comes out from your spine. Most leg, hip, or arm pain is from a pinched nerve, so chiropractic care is more than just dealing with back pain. If you have a nerve problem, you have a spine problem. Your nerves control everything!

You can’t correct chiropractic problem on your own anymore than you going to a car wash to fix a dent in your fender. Your car needs a body shop after a wreck-- your spine needs a chiropractor after an injury.

Medication can cover up the pain. The question is - Do you want to cover up a problem, or would you rather get it fixed?

At Neal Clinic in Pensacola, our first job is to decide whether chiropractic treatment will benefit you. Get started on restoring your health! Call 479-SPINE for your first consultation at Neal Clinic in Pensacola!


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