Class IV Laser Therapy

One day, every clinic will have one. Laser therapy isn’t new; just a few years ago, the high powered Class IV lasers were costing $80,000, and research centers and professional sports teams' training rooms were the only places you could find them. When you have a million dollar pitcher with a sore elbow or shoulder, an $80,000 Class IV laser is a bargain.

GOOD NEWS – The prices have come down enough that they are now viable in top therapy clinics, such as Neal Clinic in Pensacola.

How does it work?
Laser light stimulates the tissues and literally speeds up the healing and recovery. Back and neck injuries heal faster with better tissue regeneration, less scar tissue and less pain. Even chronic problems respond positively with the increased circulation and anti-inflammatory effect.
On a cellular level, the laser stimulates the mitochondria to regenerate faster and the macrophages to carry away the injured cellular products faster.

How does the Class IV laser compare to other lasers?
Our laser is at least 24 times more powerful than the strongest Class II or Class III laser. It has to be registered with the State of Florida and operated only by certified laser technicians in a separate laser treatment room. Everyone present wears laser eye protection. A 10 minute treatment with a Class IV laser does more than 4 hours of constant laser treatment with one of the lower powered lasers. Yes, it’s a serious therapy, and we do it because we’ve seen very impressive results.

What conditions do you treat?
Laser helps just about any inflamed or painful condition. We treat chiropractic conditions such as: back injuries, whiplash injury to the neck, disc problems, pinched nerves, hip joint pain, and some knee joint, shoulder joint, and plantar fasciitis problems too.


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