Why Rehab?

Neal Clinic Staff administring rehab

Neal Clinic Staff administering rehab.

Back pain, neck pain, and pinched nerves often occur for no obvious reason. You may not know these areas were weak and unstable, and one day, you move the wrong way and it hurts. After your back has healed, those muscles are even weaker because the injured area had a lack of motion while you were in pain. It’s important to stabilize and strengthen the weak areas of the spine, so this won’t happen again.

At the Neal Clinic in Pensacola, we focus on individual exercise rehab. We assess your individual weaknesses caused by past injuries, misalignments, or disuse. Instead of giving you a generic page of back exercises, we create a chiropractic strengthening program specifically designed for your personal needs. When you can perform these exercises properly in our Pensacola clinic, you will have a take home program.

We believe that functional health and robust aging revolves around the “move it or lose it” concept, we strongly encourage lifelong exercise – continuing beyond your recovery phase of care.

We provide instruction and teach you proper form, so that you can take these skills home with you and continue your strengthening. Don’t worry! You won’t need expensive equipment to continue your exercise program. Depending on the severity of your case, a rehab program in 12 to 24 visits and continuing wellness-care is available on request.

As you age, aches and pains will come and go, but when you keep your body strong, the pain is less intense and won’t last long. Life is easier and more joyful when you can move freely and without the fear of re-injuring your “weak back.”

*Patients with cardiac clearance are eligible for our program.


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