Larry & Joan GilleyDr. Charles Neal has been a tremendous blessing to my family and me.  His expertise has been absolutely essential in allowing me to continue to work the past few years since I have a degenerative disk condition.  His professional ability and concern are completely amazing and highly appreciated by my family and myself.  In short, he’s the best!     

- Larry Gilley

After visiting a dozen doctors for my migraine headaches and chronic neck pain, Dr. Charles Neal was the first doctor who gave me real relief to my condition.  He’s been the best medicine for me for over ten years and an answer to prayer and best loved doctor.     

- Joan Gilley


Bethany GilleyDr. Neal has helped me a great deal!  My back really needed help after falling down four different times in the past.  He has definitely made a positive difference in my health.  I always feel better the next day after visiting the Neal Clinic.  Dr. Neal is an awesome chiropractor!    

- Bethany Gilley


Daniel GilleyDr. Neal’s professional care is preventing my right leg, which is slightly shorter than my left leg, from throwing my spine out of alignment, which would inevitably lead to serious back pain.  It’s been said that “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure,” and Dr. Neal is surely the best example of this.  

- Daniel Gilley


Alan Errico TestimonialFor at least a year I had chronic back pain related to working at a desk for long hours.  I had always wanted to try chiropractic help but had never researched it or checked into my health insurance to see if it was an option. 

I had to try something or just endure the daily pain. Finally I decided to check into it. 

I contacted The Neal Clinic for my initial appointment.  Orientation was thorough to say the least.  Dr. Neal provides an educational video on exactly what they have to offer, including detailed information relating to the human spine and what a Chiropractor does and offers to potential patients.

I did check into my own insurance and yes, it was an option.  In addition, Debi their “insurance guru” went over the options regarding my insurance.  I had the option of adjustments by Dr. Neal, therapy to include personal trainers Geri and Raquel to help increase muscular support for my back, interferential, and massage therapy by experts Pete and Geri.  Debi even worked out a low monthly payment option for me so I could take advantage of all that was offered by the clinic.

Dr. Neal spent time without rush, at my initial appointment. He discussed all options, listened to my issues, took x-rays, and went over my individual spine issues.  I had not expected such attention from Dr. Neal or his skilled assistant and RT Peggy.  After my first adjustment Dr. Neal called me that evening to get my thoughts, find out how I was feeling, and to discuss my goals!  Talk about personal attention.

My initial interactions with adjustments and therapy seemed intense, but they helped! After going a short time, here I am, feeling GREAT and visiting them now 1 time monthly!

With every visit, Nicole always has a warm welcome and smile!  What a friendly and cohesive group!  They are like a family. 

- Alan Errico, Pensacola

I have been to chiropractors on and off most of my life. My spine is misaligned from childhood. I had 2/3 of my right lung removed when I was 10 days old and thus my spine is and has been misaligned. I had been doing pretty good, but recently I have had a lot of stress at work. My hands had been going numb and I have had a lot of pain in my neck as well as headaches.

I found out about Neal Clinic through a friend at church (Peggy Nixon). I met the whole team at a local health fair, and I made an appointment to see Dr.Neal. I viewed the videos and I was a little apprehensive about the activator technique. All the other Chiropractors I have been to had done manual adjustments, so this was a lot different than what I was used to. I was very skeptical at first, but after having my first adjustment I could tell it made a world of difference.

It took me a few weeks to feel somewhat normal, but all the services they offer was a huge help. Dr.Neal created a treatment plan for my needs, which included massages, physical therapy to help strengthen my muscles as well as interferential therapy.

Dr.Neal is very kind and compassionate as well as his entire staff. They all make each visit very enjoyable. They also have a great billing staff that worked with my insurance company and made a billing plan that worked for me.

I am doing much better now, and I am on maintenance treatments now. I started Zumba last month and am having a great time exercising.

I Love the Neal Clinic!!! Good Medicine and Great People!!


After my first visit I took my son Nickolas with me and he asked if he could have Dr.Neal "look" at his feet too. Well I never even thought about it, but Dr. Neal said he would be happy to take a look at Nickolas.

Well as it turns out Nickolas has had been diagnosed with migraine headaches ever since he was 4 years old. He had trouble mostly in the summertime and his headaches would be so bad that he would have to go to bed and cover his head with no noise. Sometimes they would get so bad he would vomit. He has been getting activator adjustments for the past 8 or so months and his headaches are nearly gone now.

He has an occasional small headache where he wants quiet, but nothing like before. Nickolas never wanted to take his migraine medication, but he loves to go see Dr.Neal.

- Mrs. Piland

Kimberly PateMy experience at the Neal Clinic has been wonderful. I came to Dr. Neal with a pinched nerve in my lower back and could barely walk. He and his staff were so professional and I felt like they really cared and wanted to help me. I had been to another chiropractor and had no success. But the Neal Clinic made feel me so comfortable and Dr. Neal was very knowledgeable and helpful. Now after over a month of treatment I can walk and move without pain. I'm so thankful for the amazing staff that has been so kind and caring to help me move again. I would recommend them to everyone. Thank you so much Neal Clinic!
Kimberly Pate


Lee WinterberryAfter the birth of my two children, who are only 20 months apart, the pain in my lower back became unbearable.  The pain would shoot down my right leg creating tingling and numbness in my toes and practically taking my right hip out of commission all together.  I wasn’t able to sleep at night due to the pain and preferred to not take a sleeping aid as I wanted to be aware for my two children if they needed me in middle of the night.    I found myself being cautious of movement for fear of possibly damaging my back even further and of the pain I would endure later that night from too much movement or the wrong movement.  I found myself in a vicious cycle of being a mommy of two toddlers and the lifting and hauling that required and the pain I would suffer at night causing me to lose sleep since there was no comfortable position and the pain was persistent.

After realizing the pain was interfering with my interaction and play with my two toddlers, I finally decided to take time for myself and have my back examined.  I wasn’t sure where to start, but I knew I didn’t want to take pain medication.  So, I chose chiropractic intervention.  I am so glad I did and so grateful to the Neal Clinic.  My experience with the Neal Clinic has been nothing short of amazing.  The staff is friendly and courteous attending to my needs from the moment I walk in the door.  Dr. Neal suggested I have adjustments by using the “activator” method.  Yes, I was skeptical at first, but I trusted Dr. Neal and had faith in his assessment.  So, we began adjustments, as well as rehabilitation, and massage.  This holistic approach worked for me!!

It wasn’t long before I could recognize a significant difference.  The pain had decreased in intensity and I was able to sleep again!!!  I continued with my treatment regimen and in no time I was more active with my toddlers and I gave up the fear of a painful sleepless night.  I am eternally grateful to Dr. Neal and his staff not only for the expertise and knowledge but also for their compassion and kindness.

- Lee Winterberry    

I first visited The Neal Comprehensive Healthcare Center in late October, 2010 after injuring my neck, shoulders and back when stretching and twisting while operating an electric hedge trimmer.  Within two days, I was experiencing excruciating pain radiating from my spine to under my shoulder blades.  I could not move without screaming out.  Just to get off the bed took minutes with me screaming all the while.  A few days later it moved to my neck and It was impossible to move my head or chew food without great pain.  I was taken to the Sacred Heart Urgent Care and was examined and given medication for pain as well as muscle relaxant.  Still hurting greatly even under medication, I was referred to Dr. Charles Neal and his team of experts.  After X-Rays, consultation and physical examination, Dr. Charles Neal began making Activator adjustments to my upper back which was greatly out of alignment.  Just a couple of weeks later, I was able to begin physical therapy and therapeutic exercise under the instruction of Dr. Ellen Neal and Geri.  I truly never thought I would be mobile or even pain free ever again.  I have progressed so remarkably well with the help of everyone there, that I have been reduced from three visits per week to one visit per month.  My monthly visit includes followup adjustment and 30 minute massage.  I feel better than I have felt in years as the adjustments corrected my spine so that I rarely experience a headache and no longer experience shoulder or back pain..  For years past, I experienced headaches nearly every day and was taking way too much Acetaminophen.  

Debi and Nicole keep my insurance and appointments so well organized I only need to walk in for my appointment.

I owe EVERYONE at The Neal Comprehensive Healthcare Center a debt of gratitude and deep appreciation.

Thank you so much,
Brenda Sydnor



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